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What a success!

A special thanks to Ace Power Solutions for allowing us to provide our solution for this customer. It is always fun to start up a Thermal Economy burner control system and add another customer to our ever-growing list. This one was special; to us and to the power gen company in northern Mississippi. They had quite the list of what they didn’t like about their old system and an even longer list of what they wanted out of a new system. It felt good to be able to give them all the functionality they asked for, and deliver it in a VERY tight timeline. I’m so proud of the top notch panel build and the quick turn-around. With the customer’s old controls, their system was only getting just under 70% capacity. With the Thermal Economy system, they are now getting full rated capacity with no additional investment in hardware and their emissions reduced by 30% and had much tighter control at 10 to 1 turn-down.

Ace Rickard (President, Ace Power Solutions, Inc.) “I can’t say enough good things about how this project went.” and “The execution and professionalism of the Thermal Economy team is top notch.”

Power Gen Customer “I have never seen a controls company as good as the team at Thermal Economy.”

Thank you for the opportunity!

Severe Boiler Vibration – Solved!

A grain milling facility in southern Illinois was concerned about their boiler’s severe vibration. If you have ever stood next to a boiler with severe vibration, you know it is a bit unnerving. Thermal Economy and NBW’s collaboration determined the vibration was a result of combustion harmonics that the older boiler control system was not able to “tune out”. Using Thermal Economy’s standard boiler controls system, we were able to provide the boiler with the finite control needed to effectively tune out the burner vibration issues. The customer was extremely pleased to have their boiler operating safely.

Retrofitting an old panel at Michelin

Thermal Economy retrofits Michelin Spartanburg’s old burner management and boiler controls with a new burner management and burner control system with operator touch screen. All boiler control and monitoring is via the operator touch screen.

From start to finish the system cut-over took place in 4 days. All new wire was installed to the field devices.